5 Steps to Plan the Perfect Marriage Proposal

By Tanya

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Are you planning to ask the big question, “Will you marry me?” These four simple words could result in so much anxiety that it needs a lot of preparation. It is undeniable that setting up a unique marriage proposal can be a tad overwhelming because you want to make the proposal extra special and unforgettable.

You need to have an in-depth knowledge of your future spouse so that you’ll know how to make the day memorable and extra special. So many questions come to mind: what would make them happy? How and where should you propose? Should it be public or private? 

If you are planning a marriage proposal, worry not! Here are some great ideas to make it exceptional:

1. Find a Stunning and Irresistible Ring

Rings have always been a popular way of symbolizing proposals/engaging. It’s probably because its shape represents the endless circle of love all partners wish to have. 

When it comes to finding an engagement ring, there are various things that you need to consider. First things first: you need to consider your partner’s preference when it comes to jewelry. Do they like gold, pearls, or diamonds?

Once you have an idea of what they would like, discuss their preferences with the jeweler. This will help ease the selection process. It is also a good idea to shop for the ring with some friends and family to help with the selection.

2. Choose a Sentimental Location

Another tip to an exceptional engagement is to choose a location that is significant for both of you. Think about what your partner would want. Would they want a private and intimate venue or would they instead want to share that moment with friends and family? This is very crucial because not everyone likes to be the center of attention. To help you decide, think of your best memories together, your favorite holiday, where you met, places you’ve planned to visit together, where you had your date, etc. Knowing these things will help you choose the most meaningful venue for your proposal.

3. Choose the Date and Time

Now that you’ve gotten the perfect ring and venue, it’s now time to choose the perfect time and date for your marriage proposal. If you’re planning to propose outdoors, you should be mindful of the daylight hours of your selected location. 

Furthermore, it’s advisable to choose a date that has significance for you and your partner, like your anniversary. You can also choose a holiday or weekend getaway trip, but be sure not to make the marriage proposal on the day of arrival. Allow yourself and your future spouse to relax adequately before going ahead with the engagement.

4. Prepare your Speech

This is perhaps the most crucial part of your proposal. In your speech, make sure to highlight how much you love your partner, what you love most about them, what they mean to you, and how excited you are to start your new lives together. Try to keep it short and sweet.

5. Hire a Photographer

Your marriage proposal is a moment that you’ll want to remember forever. Sadly, most proposals only get photographed after the question is popped. Consider hiring a photographer to capture the entire process: the planning, decorating, dancing, eating – all of them.

If you are ready to pop the question, we hope that the above tips will help you make the proposal extra special for her. Just take note of what she likes and plan something that will be unforgettable for both of you.

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