9 Reasons For Choosing A Weekday Wedding

By Tanya

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When it comes to the wedding season, you see all booked-out weekend dates and venues that can make it a hassle just to attend a wedding, let alone host one. Many couples that consider the path less trodden want to do an off-season or rather a weekday wedding that opens up all manner of opportunities for cost savings and greater peace of mind and enjoyment with your loved ones. Here are some wonderful reasons to choose a weekday wedding in favor of regular dates.

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1. Vendors Will Be Very Accommodating

Most weddings happen on the busier and more sought-after weekend times, making vendors such as florists, decorators, DJs, and caterers tired and unmotivated. In the case of a weekday wedding, you are likely to get a more energetic response and a whole lot of extra elbow grease from your chosen vendors! A weekday allows vendors like caterers and decorators to be slightly less stressed and, therefore, able to give their best to your special day.

Not to mention procuring a weekday date is far easier if there is a vendor you simply cannot do without! Since independent vendors like photographers are always looking to fill up their books during the off-season or a weekday, you may even be able to secure a discount or additional services to go with their main package. Any cost savings you can get as a bride or a groom are welcome when there’s a wedding to be hosted!

2. Intimate Is Better

Unless it is the holiday season, the weekday is a work day for most people. This can mean that many of the ‘guests’ you try to avoid probably won’t take time off work to attend your wedding. Not only does that mean a lower per-head count for the catering, but you will end up with a cozier, more intimate gathering of friends and family. Choosing a weekday allows you to get married in the season you adore (spring is a popular choice) rather than giving it up because you couldn’t secure a weekend date at the venue of your hopes and dreams.

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3. Make the After Party the Norm!

Weekday weddings are extraordinarily conducive to after parties because of the more intimate gathering and the fact that the people attending have taken a mini-break from work to be there. Guests don’t need to be worried about the Monday that always looms ahead of a weekend wedding! Post-wedding events can be a real blast because they can continue into the weekend, and the whole wedding will prove to be a much-deserved break for your loved ones. Having a weekday wedding means you can arrange additional events like group hikes or picnics that everyone will enjoy.

4. Get Your First Choice Of Venue

Venue bookings are very tricky, as anyone who is fixated on a particular venue will tell you. To get that venue that you’ve had your eye on for years, weekdays can be very useful as bookings will be few and far between or non-existent depending on the day of the year. Not only is mid-week availability a major advantage, but you can also hope for better parking spots for your guests instead of a weekend wedding. The only thing you should watch out for at the venue is whether they are pre-booked for seminars, corporate events, or other special occasions like birthdays.

Why Weekday Weddings Are The Best!

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5. Lighter On The Wallet

A weekday wedding has a lower budget due to a plethora of reasons. Firstly, the venue and the vendors will offer discounted rates for a weekday, so you will get flower arrangements, catering, and other wedding services at a better price. Since it will be the weekday, you might get any number of complimentary services or perhaps even a special dessert by the chef behind the catering! In general, you should expect to see the professionals behind your big day at ease and able to bring their best to the table.

6. Plan A Vacation With The Savings

The honeymoon can cost a fortune, especially if your heart is set on an exotic location overseas. With the savings from your weekday wedding, you can finally visit that island you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid and have some amazing memories for life with your new spouse rather than spending it all on a venue booking for the most desirable spot on a Saturday.

7. The Outdoors Will Be Less Occupied

Many couples fantasize about getting married on the perfect spot at the beach or on a ranch, or overlooking a forest. Unless you live on an abandoned desert island, many people, tourists, and unwelcome spectators will be at these locations on weekends when everyone is off from work. By choosing a weekday for your festivities, you boast better chances of getting seclusion and privacy for your ceremony or your intimate reception. No one likes a random photo bomber in a bridal portrait!

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8. Catching A Flight

If you have loved ones flying in from different locations to attend the wedding, flights are almost always more easily available on weekdays rather than weekends during peak wedding season. Guests will also have a more relaxed time settling into your house or the hotel as they won’t immediately need to return for work and can take the week off.

9. Room For The Eccentric

Weekday weddings are usually low-key, so there is more room for the couple to customize as much as they want and incorporate their unique tastes and creativity. For those that favor the less traditional road and want to have fun and new traditions, a weekday wedding is perfect for that kind of personal artistic expression. Weekday weddings mean longer, more sentimental toasts and probably a later cut-off time at your chosen venue because weekdays are not their busiest time, and they may be inclined to be more lenient.

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