Elegant & Timeless Summer Wedding Colors For 2023

By Lesley Turner

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It goes without saying that weddings require a fair share of planning and a sharp eye for detail. From the decor and the venue to the overall feel of the celebration, the list of tasks seems endless. However, in the end, all that planning results in a fabulous event that is cherished and remembered for a lifetime. Simply put – it’s absolutely worth it.

Naturally, most couples start the planning process by setting a date and go from there. Usually, the season dictates how the celebration will look and what you need to pay attention to. After you’ve selected a venue, it’s time to get to the fun part – coming up with a theme!

While some couples know what they want from the very start, others are a bit more flexible and accepting of suggestions that come their way. Since summer is slowly waking up, it is the perfect time to incorporate its colors in vibrancy into your own wedding. That said, we have gathered the trendiest summer wedding colors for 2023, adding a touch of liveliness to the setting.

  1. Yellow & Emerald Green

The idea of adding yellow to a wedding is a terrifying thought for some couples, but we think otherwise. Yellow is full of life and screams in energy, perfect for a laid-back, whimsical event. However, if you want to add an elegant and sophisticated flair, pair yellow elements with emerald green. As part of the summer wedding colors for 2023, this combination never disappoints, perfectly mixing vibrancy and timelessness together.

  1. Lavender

Be it for its subtle beauty or its neutrality, a lot of soon-to-be-weds have been turning their attention to lilac tones, such as lavender. This color adds tenderness to any setting, making it not only dreamy but impressively elegant. Consider adding subtle elements to your attire in this gorgeous summer wedding color for 2023 for a more daring approach.

  1. Peach

Apart from the pleasant weather and free spirit in the air, most people love summer for its bearings. What better way to cool off than eating a fistful of cherries or a juicy peach? Speaking of peaches, did you know that it’s one of the most popular summer wedding colors for 2023? Its softness, warmth, and sophistication go perfectly with the season, and it looks best in rustic-adorned settings, ideally suitable for your Indiana barn wedding venue.

  1. Blush Pink

If you’re looking for a touch of romance and subtle femininity, look no further than blush pink, as it is a favorite summer wedding color of 2023. Although tender, it looks quite striking and can surely draw plenty of attention. Additionally, it’s quite versatile and can be easily incorporated into various palettes – for the best combo, aim for navy blue or darker shades of pink and red.

Now that you know these sophisticated summer wedding colors for 2023, it’s up to you to see how to implement them into your astounding event. If you haven’t found the right venue yet, check out our Indiana barn wedding venue – here, you have plenty of space for creative experimentation, so you can go above and beyond with your ideas. In the meantime, make sure to read the rest of the blogs.

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