How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost In Indiana

By Lesley Turner

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Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking with thousands of decisions and details, but when the day finally rolls around, it flies by in a blink of an eye. And regardless of how you feel about things like late-night reception snacks or large floral installations, most to-be-weds can agree on one thing: gorgeous wedding photos are a must. But how much does a wedding photographer cost?

Of course, how you divvy up the budget for your wedding boils down to what’s important to you, but if you want to relive your wedding memories, finding the perfect wedding photographer in Indiana is crucial. So, today we will answer the ever-important question, “How much does a wedding photographer cost in Indiana?”

What’s Included in Wedding Photography Prices?

The price that a wedding photographer charges depends on what is included. Most photographers will have a few packages to choose from that will be available to you at different prices. So, you’ll select the package that gives you the images you want and perfectly fits your budget.

Here are a few things that “may” be included in a wedding photographer’s prices.

  • Shooting the ceremony, reception and exit
  • Editing images
  • A specific number of hours
  • Print release form
  • A second photographer
  • A specified number of digital prints
  • A fixed number of printed images
  • An online gallery

Ask potential photographers what each package includes to ensure you understand what you must pay extra. Many times, photographers will charge extra for the wedding album. But some also charge extra for prints and editing services as well. So, ask questions!

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost

The average cost of a wedding photographer in the United States is roughly $2,000, with most prices often falling between $1,150 and $4,000. But they can go all the way to $10,000.

The prices vary depending on the location. So, for example, a photographer will cost more in New York City than a wedding photographer in Indiana. 

But it’s not just about location. Here are some items that can increase how much a wedding photographer costs. 


If you love a specific photographer’s style but they are not located in the wedding location, you will be responsible for covering their travel expenses. If they are more than 60 miles away, they may require you to reimburse them for mileage, and if they are flying, they’ll most likely require you to pay for their airfare and accommodations.  

Peak season

Many wedding vendors have seasonal rates, so if you’re getting married during peak season, there is a good chance the wedding photographer will cost more. Hosting your wedding on a weekday is a great way to get around that. The photographer may offer a better rate because they can still book another event on the weekend. 

Extended shooting hours

Time is money, right? You bet it is, so if you want your photographer to cover your wedding events for more hours, they’ll charge more. For example, they’ll charge more if you want them to shoot at your rehearsal dinner or welcome party. And if you want them to arrive super early on your wedding day, yep! It’s going to cost more. 

A second shooter

Some wedding photographers will include a second shooter in their package prices, but others will charge an a la carte fee. A second shooter is simply another photographer also to photograph your wedding. Having a second shooter is actually priceless because the primary photographer cannot possibly be everywhere, so they’ll likely miss some crucial moments. 

Engagement sessions

Engagement photo sessions are handled differently by each photographer. Some will include it in their packages, while others will charge extra. This is why it is so essential to understand what is included in your wedding photography package fully. 


Wedding videography is hardly ever included in a photographer’s package. So while they may offer something, it will likely be an extra charge. 


This is a big one! A wedding photographer’s level of experience and expertise will definitely impact their prices. Celebrity photographers, for example, will be super expensive, while a student photographers will be very inexpensive. 

You know the saying…” you get what you pay for”? Well, this is definitely true when it comes to your wedding images. View their wedding galleries, read reviews, and ask for recommendations to ensure you’ll be happy with your pictures and how much you spent on them. 

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