Tips For Planning a Barn Wedding

By Tanya

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Whether you want a country glam or all out rustic wedding, a barn can set the tone for a most unforgettable event. Barn wedding venues in the Indianapolis area are like your favorite denim jeans – you can dress them up or down. Here are our top tips for planning a barn wedding in 2020.

Do A Walk Through

Before booking any other wedding vendors, it is important to do a complete walk through of your barn wedding venue so that you can get a real understanding of each area. This is important so that you can choose the best location for rehearsal, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

The great thing about Indy barn wedding venues is that they offer so many unique spaces that create wonderful settings. They also provide amazing backdrops for all of your photos and different elements for your guests to enjoy.

What Questions To Ask Your Barn Venue

Beautiful barn wedding venue Greencastle

When you are planning a wedding and shelling out thousands of dollars it is important to ask your vendors the right questions. When it comes to your wedding venue, a rustic barn, it is super important to ask the following. Some of these questions are obvious while others may not have crossed your mind.

  1. Is the Indy barn venue available on the date that you need it?
  2. How many guests can the barn accommodate?
  3. What are the wedding packages (rates) and what do they include?
  4. Are other events happening at the barn venue on the same day?
  5. How long do you get to have the space?
  6. Is there an outdoor area for cocktail reception?
  7. Is smoking permitted?
  8. What type of setup is provided?
  9. Can you come back to view the barn set up for a wedding?
  10. Do they have tables, chairs, linens etc? If so, what is the cost?
  11. Can you hire any vendors you want or do you have to work with their preferred vendors.
  12. What is their cancellation policy?
  13. What decorations do they have on hand? What is the cost?
  14. Alcohol…do they offer it, what is the cost?
  15. What time do you have to leave?
  16. Are any permits required?
  17. What is the deposit requirement?
  18. Do they offer payment plans?
  19. Does the venue have it’s own insurance? Do you need to get your own?
  20. Backup plan for weather?

Secure Your Rentals

While your Indy barn venue may have a lot of items that you can use for free or rent there will be many items that you will have to outsource. Meet with the on-site sales manager to view the items that they have that fit your needs then hire others for the rest.

Wedding day decor requires tons of small details and many times your barn wedding venue will not have everything that you need. For example, they may have rustic wedding chairs but you want a rustic glam wedding so you have to have chiavari chairs.

It’s Not A Party Without The Grub

A Rustic Plate

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of any wedding is what is on the menu. When you are hosting a country-chic wedding at your favorite barn, you should choose some food that fits in well with the space around you.

Don’t be afraid to be unique and select items that are earthy and unexpected. No boring dinners at your wedding. Of course, the first thing that might pop into your head is BBQ. That’s a great idea, but tons of couples do it so it is not that unexpected.

Instead opt for some more unique dinner ideas for your barn themed wedding.

  1. Rustic meat and cheese plate for snacking
  2. Biscuit bar….what!?? Sign us up.
  3. Chicken & Waffles (for dinner or mini ones as a passed appetizer)
  4. Corn on the cob on a stick
  5. Crab boil…this one will blow them away
  6. Rustic table with bread bowls full of dips
  7. Mac & Cheese pops as appetizers or late-night nibble
  8. Individual pies for dessert
Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops
Photo Via – The Knot

The Details

Now it’s time to have fun! Personalize your wedding with table linens and mixed-matched tableware. Spice it up with unique floral arrangements, centerpieces and unexpected lighting displays.

A barn truly is a blank canvas, with your creativity you can design the most amazing and unforgettable rustic barn wedding.

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